Love Story – Private Cloud-based Album for Couples

Love Story Intro Img.001

Love Story is an Android App for couples to upload moments in their love life and preserve them in a private album shared only with their partner.

Download from Google Play

Download apk directly

App Features:

  • Create Love Story album with your loved one. Edit together, in private. Only you and your loved one can have access to the album and edit it.
  • Upload the moments you treasure.
  • Sync in cloud. Beautiful waterfall stream display. Supports landscape mode. Sort moments by ascending or descending time order.
  • You don’t have to wait until you’ve matched with your partner to start uploading moments. Match anytime and the moments you’ve already uploaded will still be accessible to your partner.
  • No annoying notifications sent – get the real conversation going by telling your partner yourself!
  • Two languages support – English & Chinese

Click here to view the complete design process (including research, prototype and features I used to code this app)

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