A Journey to Gender Equality (Board Game to address gender equality)

gender equality game

As the final project of the “Video Games and Education” course, I performed a leading role to develop “A Journey to Gender Equality”, a board game to address gender equality. I formulated innovative ideas, developed main mechanics, and designed all the card visuals.

The game is a fun and strategic board game, involving resources management, strategic thinking and achieves a good balance between chance, surprise element and strategy.

This game was selected to be presented on CUNY Game Festival 2016, one of the leading game-based learning conferences in NYC. 
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Each player embarks on a journey to create a society from complete gender inequality to gender equality. Players will experience the struggle of extreme gender inequality at the first stage of game and gradually feel the benefits of a gender equal society.

What will you learn?

Players will also learn about the efforts made and can be made to promote gender equality, the existing bias against females, and the organizations that promote gender equality, as well as the great female / male talents in real world.


1 Play board

54 Talents cards

5 Organization Cards

16 Movement Cards

8 Bias Cards

Numerous Education Funding Tokens

Numerous Gender Equality Tokens

5 Player Tokens

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